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Thinking about becoming a Realtor? Episode #1

Updated: Jan 20, 2023

by GiGi Faulkner, Owner, RE/MAX First

Intrigued by a career in real estate? It’s easy to understand why, with all the glamorous photos of homes and glossy photo shoots of Realtors. It’s much harder to capture and post the realities of the job, which is why I’m starting a series on “Thinking about becoming a Realtor? “ right here.

I’ll shine a light on real estate reality! The pros & cons, ins & outs, ups & downs – and the unlimited opportunity of a career in real estate. Freedom, independence, and limitless income

can all be a reality for a Realtor, but only a finite group of Realtors succeed at a high level. Want to know why? Join me for an inside look at building a business in real estate and find out more.

Episode 1: Make Your Network Work for You

As a professional, you already leverage the power of your network to make business connections, seek new opportunities, position yourself for promotions – and all the while, you are advancing the interests of your employer or company.

At this very moment, on this site, you are probably engaging with colleagues, discovering what is happening in their lives, and in short, seeking opportunities to connect in a meaningful way.

As a Realtor, the highest percentage of your transactions, especially when getting off the ground, will come from people that know. You already have the opportunity to connect with your current network to find potential home sellers, home buyers, & referral partners – all of them can do business with you now and for years to come. Each person comes with their own network that can expand yours.

So what happens to all your hard work in growing and supporting your network? It comes right back to you, building YOUR business. Now that’s exciting!

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