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Getting an Oklahoma Real Estate License


Are you a working professional who is wants to start a real estate sales business in Oklahoma?  

Or perhaps you’re just graduating and want to start right away in real estate?  

Or maybe you’ve been out of the work force for a while and want to start a real estate career?     

If you’re serious about real estate, we are serious about YOU! 

Because RE/MAX First is training and coaching focused, we can give you the inside information that you must know to make a great decision about a career move into real estate in the Oklahoma City Metro Area.  

We excel at helping seasoned business professional start on a fast track.  Our unique approach translates your skills into exactly the steps that will get you started strong!   If you’re committed, we take you seriously. You are immediately a valued colleague in our company.  Training is job #1 and we give you individual attention all the way.  

In fact, our Personal Mentorship Program is designed for you

First, schedule an appointment with owner & coach GiGi Faulkner at our office in Oklahoma City to discuss your current situation & goals, and find out more about how RE/MAX First can be the right brokerage for you. Then get ready to enroll in a license school. We can recommend a couple of trusted schools for both online and in-person learning. 

Here is a general timeline to become a licensed real estate professional.  You can find more information and forms here.

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Pass State Exam




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