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21 Reasons to Consider a Brokerage

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

21 Questions every agent should know about their brokerage...

How will this brokerage....

  1. Help me close more transactions?

  2. Build a profitable business, not just an income?

  3. Expand my level of expertise?

  4. Deliver the most advanced tech apps?

  5. Provide an experienced, accessible broker to help solve challenges?

  6. Provide an experienced coach to help me strategize?

  7. Offer on-going coaching at no charge?

  8. Deliver effective tech & tools to save me time with administration & transactions?

  9. Keep me current on industry events, news, & trends?

  10. Promote me and market my business?

  11. Provide a strong local reputation?

  12. Connect me with community & leadership opportunities?

  13. Support community organizations with financial and other gifts?

  14. Surround me with like-minded, sharing colleagues?

  15. Create a culture of learning & sharing?

  16. Proactively discover new lead opportunities?

  17. Deliver services to save time & money?

  18. Provide a powerful brand that attracts sellers & buyers

  19. Provides strong errors & omissions insurance coverage?

  20. Supplies me with a referral network and potential referrals?

  21. Offers me a motivating & sustainable compensation program?

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