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Master the Basics & Capture Incoming Leads

Your ability to EFFECTIVELY handle incoming calls - or follow-up return calls - separates you from your competition!

To effectively handle incoming leads, you must first understand the dynamics of the conversation.

Many agents simply give all the answers to an inquiry without finding out any information from the caller.

The conversation ends with the buyer getting all the information and the agent having no idea whether the caller was a potential client or not. The conversation usually ends with the caller saying "okay, thank you, & goodbye!"

Lost opportunity for the agent - and the homeseller!

Other agents have been taught not to give ANY information until they have received the buyer's name, phone number, and whether or not they have been pre-qualified for financing.

This approach has proven to be antagonistic and unpleasant for both the buyer and the seller!

Always remember that you are not the only agent the caller is contacting. If you handle the call in the same manner, you are just like all the other agents you have spoken to.

To handle incoming leads effectively, you must understand that he conversation is a give and take.

It's you job to answer questions!

When a potential buyer asks a question, answer it! But always follow up with a question of your own.

Never ask for a buyer's name until 30-45 seconds into the conversation.

If you would like a script for incoming calls, just reach out to me at I'm glad to help!

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