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Meditate...The first step to generate business....

1. Meditate. Yes, I mean exactly that! When you find a quiet time and place for solitude, take your CRM with you. Think about each person and family. What is going on with them right now? What are their needs, in life, not just with their property. How can you serve them? I promise that you will discover a meaningful way to reach out and give value.

2. Video CMA’s - Homeowners are wondering about their values at the current moment. Here is your opportunity to be their trusted resource, answer any questions and be the market expert.

3. Discuss lending options. We haven’t discussed mortgage options for the last couple of years. Products such as ARMs and buy-downs have surfaced. Many of your customers do not know that they even exist. Educate yourself and be the resource.

In times of change, experts are the ones to inform and reassure people. You can give great value to your friends at this time.

If I can be of further help, feel free to reach out to me here.

And as always, have a great week in real estate.


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