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Not Every Human is a Lead!

The number of real estate leads has exploded! As a result, how you handle the opening dialogue is crucial! The ability to differentiate yourself at first contact is key.

In 2011, there were 4.6 million transactions in the U.S. and about 4.5 million leads. Fast forward to 2018, there were 5.5 million transactions - and over 89 million leads!

Today's online consumer sees the agent as an interchangeable piece in the search process. They may reach anyone that they do not already know. A Harvard study shows that people make up their mind about you in about 3.5 seconds. So you can see the importance of the initial conversation. If it is like everyone else, you are already behind in your ability to convert the lead. Here's a few tips:

Always answer with your name and your company name. It sets up a professional conversation from the beginning.

Always answer their questions. But return with a question of your own. You want to engage the caller, give them information, and at the same time, determine if the caller is a potential customer.

Here are 4 things you need to discover on the call.

  1. Do they have a desire to purchase?

  2. Can they purchase?

  3. Would they like some help?

  4. Would they allow you to interview for the position to help them?

These questions will engage the customer and differentiate you as a professional that is ready to be of service.

If you would like a script for incoming calls, just reach out to me at

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