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Oklahoma City - The Big Boom

The Oklahoma City metro area is growing, growing, growing! Population size has grown at a vast rate in the last 10 years alone, over 16%. Large corporations are making OKC their home due to the affordable cost of living and up-and-coming status of our city, creating valuable job opportunities for Oklahomans and adding overall value to the local economy.

Compared to other cities, Oklahoma City’s cost of living is affordable and the real estate opportunities are obtainable. In the March issue of 405 magazine (pg. 40), I was asked to weigh in on the current state of our market and how it affects buyers and sellers. The issue also surveys homes in other states and gives an at-a-glance look at what their citizens pay on average for homes in those states and you’d be surprised at the numbers… People can afford to purchase a very nice home here much more than if they were to try to buy the same home in California or even Colorado.

Oklahoma City is dedicated to renewal and at the same time, remains conscious about preservation. This is favorable among OKC citizens as well as out of town visitors who enjoy the mix of old and new… There are many attractions that make OKC appealing to live in or near, such as the collections of art and history museums, beautiful parks and many great restaurants and activity venues around the city. In Oklahoma City, you can choose to live in a more historic part of town, downtown in a high-rise or in one of the many suburban cities that spans the Metro!

As always, have a great week in Real Estate!

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