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Thinking about becoming a Realtor? Episode #5

Episode 5: Am I too old (or young) to start a career in real estate?

No. Plain and simple!

Your experience in business and in the community are huge assets. Let your network work for you. Real estate is a relationship business. You’ve already figured out how to communicate and work with people to accomplish goals. You’ve also built a large network of people who know you, like you and trust you. When you let them know that you’re in real estate, you will be absolutely delighted at how excited and supportive they will be! Real estate is the perfect opportunity to reward yourself for all that you’ve given to others in your career – and be of service to them in a new and important way.

Too young? In the interest of full disclosure, I was right out of college when I activated my real estate license. I knew about twelve people in Oklahoma City! Fortunately, I joined a brokerage where the brokers were supportive and available to train and mentor me, so that I could build a network. I wouldn’t have made it without that guidance.

Today there are so many resources for training and lead generation that it’s overwhelming. The urge is to try every shiny thing, which can spell disaster. Align with a broker or coach who will personally work with you so that you can do precisely the right activities that fit your strengths.

Remember that real estate is above all, a lifestyle driven business. People of all ages and walks of life have events that necessitate a change in housing. You’ll come to understand and work with everyone!

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