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The Pen is your Friend!

Thomas Jefferson said

"Nothing gives one man more control over the other than to remain cool and unruffled in all circumstances."

When talking with people, the more you can slow down the conversation the better. If one person remains slow and calm, the opportunity for conflict is massively diminished.

Consider what happens in a conversation when there's a difference of opinion.

When the conversation speeds up it can become a disagreement.

When the disagreement speeds up and gets louder, it can become an argument.

An argument is much harder to turn around, as you know.

Your goal is to always keep your business conversations slow and logical. The best tool to use for this?

Take Notes!

Get in the habit of taking notes during all meetings with clients and potential clients. As you are taking notes, and remaining quiet when they speak, you are listening, and they will feel heard. The other person will tend to "fill in the blanks" when there is a little silence. They will often reveal information that will help you overcome objections before they arise and, most importantly, meet their needs!

If you would like more communication tactics, just reach out at

And let me know how the power of the pen works for you!

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