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Want to Power up your Listing Game?

Asking great questions is the key to a great presentation!

The decision to sell a home is always accompanied by a degree of stress for a homeowner. When we are in a stressful situation, our previous experiences shape how we look at our current decisions and the condition of our mindset. Having a seller tell you about their previous experiences will reveal their mindset about selling their property. If they had good experiences, have them tell you why they were good. If they had a negative experience, go deep. Have them explain exactly what they would have changed. Most sellers have had both, and by discovering their past experiences, you will immediately know the filter they will be running your comments through, as well as the key points you must cover when you begin laying out strategies for their sale.

The more you can understand about your client's mindset, the better you will be at serving their needs.

Asking these 4 opening questions will open a new conversation.

  1. Have you ever sold a home before? If so, were they good or bad experiences?

  2. Do you think selling a home is easy or difficult?

  3. How long do you think it should take to sell your home?

  4. How much negotiation do you think happens when a house sells?

Try this approach at your next listing appointment. I believe it will transform your results!

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