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Thinking about becoming a Realtor? Episode #3

Episode 3: Do you want to buy or invest in real estate?

Getting your real estate license is a solid way to become a smart real estate investor. Why?

First, you’ll have access to education and training that is designed for professionals. Knowledge is power. Learning all the ins and outs should be your priority if you’re going to become an investor as a business - or for your livelihood. You wouldn’t enter any other profession without proper and complete training.

Second, you’ll have insider access, through a Multiple Listing Service, to all the properties on the market. And that’s not all. You’ll have access to sold information and compilations of data that will make you an expert in property valuation and income potential. There are specialized courses in investment real estate that will help you become an expert.

In addition, you’ll learn about contracts, title issues, lending options, negotiation, inspections, and more.

Savvy investors hire a Realtor, or perhaps, become one. The beauty of becoming a Realtor is having the ability to help family and friends build wealth in real estate. Now, that’s paying it forward!

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