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Imprinting your Vision

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

When setting and visioning your goals, it is critical that create affirmations and keep them on the forefront of your mind, in a repetitive and continual manner. You will be learning and imprinting these goals on your mind.

Goals must be omnipresent.

Want to turbocharge your affirmations?

The answer begins in how you learn.

How do you learn best? Are you a visual, auditory, or kinetic learner? Take some time to discover your best personal learning style.

Are you a visual learner? Add representations of your goals in the form of images, objects, or photos to your vision board or write your affirmations with visuals and read them daily. Be sure to add visuals of you doing the activities that will lead your to the goal. For instance, if your goal is to do more transactions, images of you having a blast calling on clients would be a strong mental trigger.

If you’re an auditory learner, restate your Word or Phrase of the Year. For instance, my 2020 Word is Activate. This word is followed by several goals in which I want to grow significantly – they are my brokerage, my spiritual and family life. I speak my affirmations into a recorder and listen to myself talking about the steps it will take to achieve my goals and how fulfilled and excited I am - as if I had already accomplished them.

If you’re a kinetic learner, learning is connected with movement. Incorporate complete vision you’re your chosen movement. This is often a sport or physical activity – but can be as creative as a prayer walk, yoga, performing music- even dance.

Here’s where you get creative and where the fun happens! Perhaps you video yourself saying your word or your personal mantra in a meaningful way. Watch it at the beginning and near the end of your day for maximum impact.

A couple of years ago, I created a playlist of uplifting songs for our office. You might try this – it can literally save the day when you need a boost!

However you visualize yourself – just be sure to visualize yourself performing the action that leads to the result as well as the result itself. You will supercharge your success when working toward your goals.

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